Laboratory and clinical analysis

We have our own laboratory

At Veterinaria 7 Vidas® we have a laboratory to provide the best care for your beloved pets. Our commitment is to provide a quality service that allows us to obtain accurate and fast results for the diagnosis and treatment of various health problems.

Thanks to our team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we perform a wide range of clinical analyses to detect diseases, monitor the state of health and evaluate the response to your pets’ treatments.

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We perform comprehensive blood tests to assess your pet’s overall health. This allows us to detect anaemias, infections and coagulation problems, among others.


We analyse the levels of glucose, urea, creatinine, liver and kidney enzymes, among other parameters, to evaluate the functioning of vital organs and detect possible metabolic, liver or kidney diseases.


We evaluate the physical and chemical characteristics of urine, such as density, pH, presence of proteins, glucose and blood cells. This provides us with information about the state of the urinary system and the detection of infections, kidney stones or other diseases.


We perform microscopic analysis of cell samples to detect the presence of abnormal cells, infection or inflammation. This service is especially useful for the diagnosis of tumours, skin diseases and respiratory problems.


We perform cultures and antibiotic sensitivity tests to identify and treat bacterial infections in your pets. In addition, we can test for parasites such as intestinal worms or mites for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

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Committed to your pet’s well-being

The results of these tests are used to make diagnoses, plan treatments and monitor response to therapy.

We are committed to excellence and personalised care. Our team of veterinarians will be happy to explain the test results and offer you the advice you need to care for your pet.

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