Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging is…

Diagnostic imaging is a veterinary specialty that uses various imaging techniques to obtain information about the health and condition of animals. These techniques allow us to visualize the inside of the animals’ bodies and detect possible alterations, injuries or diseases.

These animal diagnostic imaging techniques are essential to complement the clinical examination, allowing veterinarians to obtain accurate information about the health status of animals and make appropriate treatment decisions.

Diagnostic imaging services


Another is ultrasound, which uses ultrasound waves to create real-time images of organs and soft tissues. It allows you to identify masses, cysts, inflammation and structural abnormalities.

Bone scan

One of the most used techniques is radiography, where X-rays are used to obtain images of bones and internal organs. X-rays are quick to perform and non-invasive.


Non-invasive technique

Imaging diagnosis in animals plays a fundamental role in the early detection of diseases, planning surgeries, monitoring treatments and evaluating the response to treatment. Furthermore, being a non-invasive technique, it reduces stress and discomfort in animals during the diagnosis process.

Our goal is to provide an accurate and timely diagnosis to assist in the treatment and care of your beloved pet.

Your pet’s safety and comfort is our top priority. Our experienced and caring team will ensure your pet feels calm and safe during diagnostic imaging procedures.

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