Cardiorespiratory system

The cardiorespiratory system refers to the interaction between the heart and lungs, which work together to supply oxygen and nutrients to all cells in the body, as well as remove metabolic waste. A healthy heart and efficient lungs are essential for the proper functioning of all organs and systems. This is essential for the health and well-being of your companion. At Veterinaria 7 Vidas®, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy cardiovascular and respiratory system in pets.

Wide range of services

Cardiac check-up and monitoring

We perform extensive exams to evaluate heart rate, blood pressure, and overall heart function. This allows us to detect heart problems such as arrhythmias, heart failure and heart valve diseases.

Respiratory evaluation

We perform tests to evaluate your pet’s lung capacity and respiratory efficiency. This helps us identify problems such as respiratory diseases, lung infections and obstructive disorders.


Our team is qualified to provide appropriate medical treatments and therapies for cardiac and respiratory diseases.

Nutritional counseling

A balanced and adequate diet is crucial to maintaining a healthy cardiorespiratory system. Our veterinarians will provide you with specific nutritional recommendations and guidelines to improve your pet’s cardiovascular and respiratory health.

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Veterinaria 7 vidas®

Our team of veterinarians specializes in the care and treatment of cardiorespiratory diseases in animals. We use advanced technology and precise diagnostic techniques to evaluate your pet’s cardiovascular and respiratory health.


At Veterinaria 7 Vidas®, we care about the overall health of your pet and we strive to provide it with the specialized care it deserves. If you notice any symptoms of cardiorespiratory problems in your pet, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

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